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2020 Summer Challenge

Welcome to our 2020 Summer Pin program!

This summer, students will be able to earn pin by completing challenges. We’re challenging our students to earn 2 pins a week!
Click on each image below to view the tasks required to complete to earn each pin.
Email your work to to receive your virtual pin. You’ll be able to view your virtual pins through the Badgr app connected to clever. The first time you sign into Badgr, you will need your WOLCS google account and password.
Students will receive a $25 Amazon gift card for every 7 pins they earn! In addition, students will receive an honorary lunch when we return in the fall along with the real pin.
Don’t forget to check ClassDojo for announcements of the weekly student in the spotlight and zoom events where students will be able to come together to earn the pin of the week!


BigFoot Cartographer Creepy Crawler
Cyborg Engineer Epic Poetry
Family Tree Folding Guru Freedom Reader
Game Expert Ghost Buster Intergalactic Warrior
Kind Heart Masked Avenger Minotaur Slayer
Music Conductor Oceanographer Real Life
Revolutionist Tesla Van Gogh
Wild West    


Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
3D Shapes Beach Counting Coin Counter Emoji Math Ladybug Box
Number Tree Patterns Pyramid Builder Shapes Master Splat
3rd Grade through 5th Grade
3D Shapes Fraction Master Measurement Number Puzzles Number Tree
Patterns Pyramid Builder Shapes Master Splat The Four Fours
6th Grade through 8th Grade
Brain Teaser Cryptarithm Emoji Math Fraction Math Measurements
Number Tree Patterns Peach Puzzles Shapes Master Splat