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Chromebook Tech Support Tips

If you are experiencing any issues with your Chromebook, please check below to see if the problem you are experiencing is listed below.  
How do I find my apps?

To find and launch applications:

  1. In the corner of the screen, click the Launcher (Circle icon located in the bottom left corner of screen).
  2. Once clicked, the Launcher will display the recently and often used apps. Click on the app icon to open.
  3. If you do not see the app you are looking for or want see all apps, click the Up arrow to display all installed applications.

If Chromebook says “Internet browser is not supported”

  1. Click the Menu button (three-dot button in the upper right)
  2. Hover over the “Help” menu
  3. Click “About Chrome.”
    Menu Instructions
  4. In the About Box, Look for a button labeled "Update" or "Relaunch" (If box instructions you to go to "Chrome OS Settings", please see the guide below this one. 
  5. If an update is found and installed, reboot the device after update is completed to complete the process (be sure to save any open work before restarting).
    About Dialog

If Chrome Browser says "To see if your device is up to date, go to Chrome OS Settings"

  1. Click Clock on bottom right of screen to pop up dialog pictured below
  2. Click Settings icon (gear icon) to open Chrome OS settingsClock Area
  3. On the bottom left in Settings menu, click "About Chrome OS"
    Settings Menu
  4. On About Chrome OS screen, check to see what option is available next to the version number.  If you see a "Check for updates" or "Relaunch" button, please click it.  "Check for updates" will verify whether or not an update is available, and will present you with a "Relaunch" button if it finds and installs an update.  "Relaunch" will restart the Chromebook, so if you have any work open, save it before clicking and restarting the Chromebook.
    Chrome Update