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Snow Removal and Landscaping

 Snow Removal and Landscaping Specifications for Bid 

Contract Year   10/01/23 - 5/01/25. 

Snow Removal (Shovel and Plow) (Per Event) 

** Service: Plow all driveways / parking lots / school bus drop off / parking spots/ handicap parking spots and clear all walkways and sidewalks. (Cost per inch generated by Contractor) ** 

  • Up to 2.99” ______ 
  • 2.99” - 4.99” ______ 
  • 5.00” – 6.99” ______ 
  • 7.00” – 8.99” ______ 
  • 9.00” – 11.99” ______ 
  • 12“_______ *** over 12” add above cost per snow fall inch 

Ice storm/freezing rain

** Application of ice melt to all driveways, parking lot (Main and handicap parking lots, walkways, and sidewalks: Cost per service generated by Contractor** 


*** Inclement weather applications for freezing rain and light snow DURING SCHOOL HOURS are to be coordinated with the Facilities Team*** 


Contract Year 5/01/23 - 10/01/25  


Grass Cutting/Landscaping (Bi-weekly) 


**Entire property scope of work: Grass cutting: Cut, trim, edge and blow off all grassy areas which include rear of       building along Mansfield Avenue up to end of the fence line, remove all cut grass, loose trash, and debris on property.  


**Cut and trim 3 trenches in front of property. 

**Maintain Trees along Mansfield Avenue groomed to allow safe passage as needed.  


**The school playground is to be properly maintained keeping up with required mulch levels.   


**Trenches are cut bi-weekly and kept clear of debris and overgrowth.  


**Annual Spring property clean-up to be performed prior to initial spring cutting.  


Coordinate any special projects with the Facilities team! 


For questions relating to services list above, please contact Keith at [email protected] or 215-927-7995 ext. 125.