WOLCS School Uniform

We have a required school uniform for several very important reasons: 


  1. Uniforms unite us as a community. When you look at the WOLCS uniform, it is a powerful visual statement of the West Oak Lane Charter School community. Students make a commitment that when they put on the WOLCS uniform; they are agreeing to live up to the school's values. We are unified by our dress. 
  2. Uniforms reduce distractions and clothing competition. Often students spend more time discussing and evaluating what others are wearing or not wearing than they spend focusing on their classes. Wearing uniforms eliminates this distraction. 
  3. Uniforms make us all equal. Whether families have high incomes or low incomes, the students come to school looking the same way. No one is made to feel bad about the clothes they have or don't have. 
  4. Uniforms look professional. Students look neat when they arrive to school with shirts buttoned and tucked in their pants or skirts. The students come mentally prepared for school and "dressed for work." 


UNDERSHIRTS: If a student chooses to wear an undershirt, it must be white. The sleeves of the undershirt should not stick out of the sleeves of the uniform shirt. Wearing extra-large tee shirts is prohibited.   


PANTS and SKIRTS:  Pants and skirts should be worn at the waist and should not sag or be above the knee.  Parents should make sure that the pants students are buying and wearing have the proper waist size. Parents should also make sure that students leave home every day wearing a belt that keeps their pants up to their waist. Pants hems should not be dragging the ground. Shirt length should not be above fingertips. NO CAPRI PANTS, SHORTS, NO JEANS, OR SKINNY  PANTS!  Sagging pants are violations of the WOLCS dress code. 


SHOES: Students must wear black closed-toed shoes; no sneakers (except white or black solid colored sneakers on gym days), sandals, flip-flops, or slippers.  Stockings or socks are to be black, white, navy blue, or gray. Footie socks, footless leggings, flip-flops, sandals, backless shoes, open-toe shoes, clogs, crocs, high heels, heelies, and boots (including Uggs) are not allowed. If students wear snow or rain boots, school shoes must be brought to school, and placed on feet during the homeroom period. 


JEWELRY: We would prefer it if students did not wear jewelry. Long or large earrings (i.e. larger than a quarter), multiple chains or rings, and lots of bracelets distract from the uniform. In addition, such items can get lost or stolen. If a student chooses to wear jewelry, it must be modest. Students may wear only one chain or necklace, and it must be tucked neatly under their uniform shirt. If a student wears jewelry that staff members consider excessive, then the student will be asked to remove it. If there are further problems, the jewelry may be confiscated and returned only to the parent/guardian. 


JACKETS/SWEATERS:  Students may not wear non-uniform sweater, jackets, or hoodies inside the school building.  If a student is worried about being cold inside of the building, he or she should wear a WOLCS sweater or blazer.  Students may wear jackets when they go outside. 


Teachers and other school staff will monitor uniform compliance on a regular basis.  Students who are not in uniform are in violation of the WOLCS Code of Conduct and accordingly will be subject to discipline.  Students who fail to wear the school uniform will not be eligible for awards or for participation in any school activities.  


The components of the WOLCS uniform are as follows: 


Uniform for students in grades K - 4 

Plain white dress shirt or white WOLCS polo shirt 

Navy blue tie or cross tie (must be worn with dress shirt) 

Navy blue pants / jumper or skirt (skirts of appropriate length)  

Navy blue WOLCS sweater with logo 

Navy blue, white, or black solid stockings / socks 

Black solid colored shoes (no sneakers or boots) 


Uniform for students in grades 5-8 

Plain white dress shirt 

Grey slacks / skirt (skirts of appropriate length) 

Navy blue WOLCS blazer with logo 

Navy blue, white, black, or gray solid stockings / socks 

Black solid colored shoes (no sneakers or boots) 

 Grade specific tie 

Grade 5: Hunter/Navy   Grade 6: Gold/Navy 

Grade 7: Red/Navy         Grade 8: Silver/Navy 




WOLCS navy blue t-shirt or sweatshirt 

WOLCS navy blue sweat pants 

 Black, or White solid colored sneakers 


*Available at: 

  1. Flynn & O’Hara School Uniform located at 10905 Dutton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154

215-637-4600 or online at www.flynnohara.com