A Message From Our CEO

A Message From Our CEO

Welcome from WOLCS CEO Dr. Debbera Peoples-Lee

Dear West Oak Lane Charter School Community:


Although the global pandemic continues to challenge us all, I am pleased to report that the school year launched without any significant problems!


Our success is due to following a carefully planned process the WOLCS administrative, support, and tech teams designed during the summer.  We had to reimagine how we work together to support our students and staff in accordance with WOLCS’ Mission, Vision, and our Core Beliefs.  As a community of parents, students, staff, and our Board of Trustees, I am proud to say that we have risen to the moment. It has not been easy, and there will be more work to do as we navigate the new school on a virtual platform, but I have full confidence that we will meet any challenge that may arise.


Although school will continue to be held remotely, we are committed to ensuring our students receive an uncompromised and rigorous WOLCS academic experience. To accomplish this goal, we have equipped our teachers and paraprofessionals with the most updated virtual instruction tools and strategies.


It has been said a strong building is one that is set upon a solid foundation. The tagline we adopted when WOLCS celebrated its 20th anniversary is “We are Family.”  The “We” in that tagline represents each individual WOLCS stakeholder—those who have some kind of personal or vested interest in our school’s success. “Family” represents us all as one unit striving for the common goal of sending our graduates to Philadelphia’s best high schools. All of us contribute to our foundation of family. We’ve been tested and the results are in—we are better together. In time we will return to the classroom in whatever form that may be. In the interim, we will continue to work together to build upon our successes in serving K-8 students from every zip code in Philadelphia.



Dr. Lee