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What Parents Say About WOLCS

What Parents Say About WOLCS

As part of a recent Family Satisfaction Survey, Parents were asked to share their feelings about WOLCS, including sharing what they like best about WOLCS.  Here are some of their responses:

  • I like the teachers and have a lot of respect for Dr. Lee  

  • My child's academic progress. 

  • Availability of staff when I need to communicate something. 

  • My daughter, has become an active learner and enjoys school. She is growing academically and socially. 

  • I like the way the teachers stay in communication with the parents and keep us informed with the information during the school year. 

  • The lessons and life practices taught here. 

  • WOLCS is very family oriented. I love the fact that the school cares about my children just as much as I do. Very satisfied. 

  • I like that my children are passing and when they had a problem with reading WOLCS made a after school program to help them read better..... Thanks for that..... 

  • Curriculum 

  • I like the ability to communicate with his teacher at anytime and the varied activities they have for the parents to be involved in at the school. 

  • Some of the teachers. 

  • great communication skills 

  • The teachers are very patient with the kids. 

  • My child loves to be acknowledged for being an honor roll student. WOLCS really does a good job letting the kids know the importance of good grades. 

  • Very good communication between the entire school administration and parents 

  • I like how nice and respectful the teacher are here. They show a lot of kindness and gratitude for my child. And i could not be any more happier. 

  • The staff is very personal with the students. 

  • everything 

  • communication is great!

  • I appreciate all efforts given to help and encourage my child's education.

  • As a new parent here at WOLCS I am amazed at the quality education as well as how welcomed I feel by staff and teachers.

  • I believe WOLCS is one of the best charter schools in the Philadelphia County.

Excuse Notes for Late/Absent Attendance

To submit an excuse note online, please send an email to [email protected] and provide the following:
  • Your Full Name
  • Student's Full Name
  • Student's Grade
  • Student's Homeroom
  • Day/Dates requesting to be excused
  • Reason for Tardy/Absence