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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

West Oak Lane Charter School provides students with a student-centered, learning environment emphasizing literacy, math and the sciences as well as targeted intervention and enrichment programs so all graduates are prepared for and accepted to high performing high schools.

Our Vision

Our vision encompasses success for students, recruitment and retention of staff and engagement of families and institutions in the community.
  • WOLCS provides a superior education for students in grades K-8, and is recognized as an employer of choice among public school teachers and paraprofessionals in Philadelphia.
  • Students attending WOLCS feel safe, supported, and challenged.  They graduate thoroughly prepared to excel in the high school of their choosing -  proficient in reading and language arts, mathematics, and science; competent in the use of technology; civic-minded and confident; articulate and capable of thinking independently, critically, and creatively.
  • Parents and guardians feel empowered and motivated to assist their children to excel at WOLCS, and community based organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders are committed to and invest in innovative programs and the school's continued viability and success.