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Uniform & School Supply Information

We hope you are enjoying your summer and anticipating the start of the 2023-2024 school year. Please review the uniform expectations for all students. It is the expectation that all students come to West Oak Lane Charter School prepared to learn and in full uniform.

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WOLCS School Uniform 2023-2024

All students must come to school each day, including the first and last days of school, neatly groomed and dressed in the WOLCS uniform. Please do not send students to school with hair partially braided or unkempt. The uniform must be clean and worn neatly.

We have a required school uniform for several very important reasons:
  1. Uniforms unite us as a community. When you look at the WOLCS uniform, it is a powerful visual statement of the West Oak Lane Charter School community. Students make a commitment that when they put on the WOLCS uniform; they are agreeing to live up to the school's values. We are unified by our dress.

  2. Uniforms reduce distractions and clothing competition. Often students spend more time discussing and evaluating what others are wearing or not wearing than they spend focusing on their classes. Wearing uniforms eliminates this distraction.

  3. Uniforms make us all equal. Whether families have high incomes or low incomes, the students come to school looking the same way. No one is made to feel bad about the clothes they have or don't have.

  4. Uniforms look professional. Students look neat when they arrive at school with shirts buttoned and tucked in their pants or skirts. The students come mentally prepared for school and "dressed for work."
Teachers and school staff will monitor uniform compliance on a regular basis. Students who are not in uniform are in violation of the WOLCS Code of Conduct and accordingly will be subject to discipline, including but not limited to detentions and ineligibility to participate in activities. Students wearing items which differ from the official school uniform due to religious reasons must wear clothing which reflects the grade level uniform colors. When available, WOLCS will attempt to provide your child with a uniform or cover-up for use during the day. Parents may also be contacted to bring a change of clothing.
For shopping online for uniforms, visit and use the discount code wolcs10.
The components of the WOLCS uniform are as follows. Pay particular attention to the uniform changes for grade 5.

Grades K – 5
• Plain white dress shirt or white WOLCS polo shirt
• Blue tie or cross tie (K-4) Hunter/Navy tie (grade 5) (must be worn with dress shirt)
• Blue pants / jumper or skirt (skirts of appropriate length)
• Blue WOLCS sweater with logo
• Navy blue or white solid stockings / socks
• Black solid-colored shoes (no sneakers or boots)
Grades 6 - 8
• Plain white dress shirt
• Grey slacks / skirt (skirts of appropriate length)
• Blue WOLCS blazer with logo
• Navy blue, white, or grey solid stockings / socks
• Black solid-colored shoes (no sneakers or boots)
• Grade specific tie: Grade 6: Gold/Navy Grade 7: Red/Navy Grade 8: Silver/Navy

• WOLCS blue T-shirt or sweatshirt
• WOLCS blue sweatpants
• Black or white solid-colored sneakers

The following items are NOT allowed:
• Excessive or inappropriate jewelry or hair accessories
• Extra-large or colored undershirt
• Outerwear e.g. hoodie
• Shirts untucked
• Skirt length above fingertips when at sides
• Shorts
• Flip-flops, sandals, backless shoes, open-toes, boots, rainboots, clogs, crocs, high heels, heelies, or Uggs, or shoes which resemble a sneaker
• Other items not specified above